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Epoxy Resin Is Your Ticket To Bacteria Free, Minimal Maintenance Flooring

When you have the best house, best garden, and best car in the neighbourhood - the only thing missing is having the best floor! Consider a seamless resin floor expertly laid by certified, qualified professionals and finished to your unique design ideas. A floor that matches the rest of the room/house/building, or something entirely different. The choice is yours.

Either way, it will always look amazing and you can expect compliments from family, friends, and neighbours. Let’s also look at commercial flooring and those public areas where foot-traffic may be at its highest. A protective resin floor from FloorChef has the advantages of no more dirt-trapping joins, colour-staining grout, or germ breeding cracks or crevices. And that means a cleaner, healthier floor space that stays cleaner for longer!

200,000 Germs And Bacteria Are Alive And Breeding Right Now In Common Carpets And Other Flooring Types!

Shocking but true! Some floor types such as old, worn out carpet, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and even wood can end up being unsightly, unpleasant, and downright unhealthy. Bacteria and built-up mold and dust can gather in joins, grooves, cracks, and grout. Are humans safe around such flooring? No. Here’s unsettling proof...

Carpets and other flooring types can carry up to 200,000 bacteria PER SQUARE INCH! To put that in perspective - the humble toilet seat carries 295 bacteria per square inch. That means floors other than epoxy resin flooring could be up to 677 times more germ ridden than a toilet seat. Think of hygiene and the health risks!

What Is Epoxy Resin Flooring?

Epoxy resin flooring is like one big tile with unlimited design options. It begins as a liquid consisting of two parts, which are mixed together to form a fascinating chemical reaction. This can be used for a wide range of floors, from homes, restaurants and retail stores, to warehouses and workshops. Some other benefits of epoxy resin flooring include:

  • No joins, grout or germs

  • Unique look, feel and performance

  • Protects concrete from chemicals

  • Provides impact resistance from heavy foot traffic

  • Easier to clean and keep clean

  • Withstands wear and tear

  • Suitable for domestic or public use

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Free, No Obligation “Dream Floor Design Consultation” Plus A Flooring Design Sample Pack (Valued at $387) - But Only If You Act Now!

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Comparisons Between Epoxy Resin And Other Floorings

Decorative And Protective Resin Flooring For Both Commercial And Residential Floors

Decorative resin flooring allows you to get as creative as your imagination stretches. Start with a blank canvas (we believe a floor is the biggest blank canvas of any room) and have fun with your designs. Or choose the aesthetic design to be in keeping with the ambience or branding of your business. It’s your choice.

Protective resin flooring guards your floor from harmful chemicals, impact, and general wear and tear. Protective resin flooring is used in warehouses, industrial and domestic garages, workshops, commercial kitchens, and shopping centres.

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Free, No Obligation “Dream Floor Design Consultation” Plus A Flooring Design Sample Pack (Valued at $387) - But Only If You Act Now!

Beware The Dodgy “Epoxy Resin” Cowboys

Warning! There are cheats and scoundrels in the flooring industry who will tell you anything just to get your money into their dishonest hands. And then what? You may get a floor. Maybe you won’t. But if you do it most definitely WILL NOT be a genuine, high-quality, professionally installed epoxy resin flooring. In fact your guess is as good as ours as to what flooring you could end up with. Heed this serious warning.

Take no risks. Protect your investment. Maintain total, 100% peace-of-mind by only working with FloorChef - a proven, reputable, and reliable epoxy resin flooring provider. Claim your free floor design consultation call with FloorChef today. Then we'll personally send you out a FREE sample board via express shipping so you can see and touch first-hand what your epoxy resin floor could look and feel like in your room. No fuss. No fee. And 100% obligation free.

Let Your Senses Experience Epoxy Resin Flooring BEFORE MAKING ANY DECISIONS

Choosing the right type of floor is one of the most important decisions any builder, business owner, investor, or homeowner could make. Yet to most people flooring is down on the list of significance. It's why most people don’t put much thought into selecting the right flooring.

Having a seamless floor that has no joins, grooves or grouts will greatly benefit your priority of cleanliness and hygiene. And then there's the look and feel of the floor. That's why we send you a free sample board via express shipping so you can experience first-hand the look and feel of the difference of epoxy resin flooring.

Claim Your Free Floor Design Consultation

Free, No Obligation “Dream Floor Design Consultation” Plus A Flooring Design Sample Pack (Valued at $387) - But Only If You Act Now!

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  • Sample

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  • Book Installation

    Installation appointment confirmed

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    Your epoxy resin flooring installation is completed

  • Invoice & Payment

    Completion invoice sent

  • Aftercare

    Warranty and maintenance guide sent upon payment

Your FloorChef 10-Year-Confidence Guarantee

Your FloorChef flooring is installed only by specially selected, certified and qualified contractors using only our products. This means you are assured of a fully qualified professional installing your new epoxy floor. No issues, and no complications. We’re so confident in the quality of our products and in the workmanship of our installers that if there is a problem with your floor within the first 10 years after installation we will come and fix it without you paying a single cent. That’s how much confidence you can have in both our products and our impeccable service.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Typically light foot traffic is allowed back onto the floor the day after completion. As it is a chemical reaction the full hardness is reached somewhere between 5-7 days after the last coat is applied. We recommend vehicle traffic, forklifts and scissor lifts stay off the floor for 7 days until the floor has fully cured.

One of our Certified FLOORChef Contractors that we work exclusively with so we can offer the same service and results to our clients Australia wide.

Obviously it depends on the work required, size of the area and the floor finish that is being installed but we would say the average project takes between 2-4 days.

Retail floors – A well-maintained seamless floor should comfortably see you through the 5-7 year churn typical of retail flooring areas. Residential floors – Homeowners will probably grow tired of the design before it needs to be replaced. We should also add that due to their thin-film nature (less than 1mm thick) and the fact they can be easily over-coated, a new resin floor can be installed directly over the existing one without having to dig up and toss to landfill. This is an important point when considering the true lifecycle of the floor.

FLOORChef Resin is a liquid that consists of Part A and Part B, mixed together at a ratio of 3:2. When mixed together Part A and B reacts and forms a chemical reaction. The end result is a durable, highly chemical resistant floor. Resin flooring is a generic term used to describe any floor applied as a liquid that either dries or hardens into a trafficable surface. While they all may look similar and use similar application equipment (brushes, rollers, trowels etc.), the actual resin technology varies significantly and so do the floors they produce.

We are very proud that FLOORChef Resin is solventless and odourless which means you don’t get any of the nasty smells that most epoxy have. It’s a better working environment for the applicator, the client and other people onsite.

Concrete is by far the most common substrate for resin flooring, however they can be applied onto other surfaces providing they’re rigid, flat and fixed well. If there’s too much movement underneath, e.g. from timber sheeting, cracking can occur; if the surface isn’t flat, e.g. grout lines, extra time and product will be required to level it out first. Sometimes a better, more cost-effective result is achieved by removing the existing floor and getting back to sound concrete.

Flooring costs are dependent on a number of factors, including the preparation work needed to get your current floor ready for installation, the design chosen and the size of the area to be done. Overall, seamless resin floors are cost-competitive within the current market, whether that is tiles, timber, carpet or vinyl. The biggest advantage to resin flooring is the overall life cycle costs compared to other floor types.

High-quality epoxy resin floors are typically stain-resistant, waterproof and stand up well to heavy traffic. There are a lot of other products on the market that don’t perform quite as well and it’s important to know what the key differences are.

We always recommend and prefer to apply resin directly onto the concrete slab. Going directly over tiles has some risk associated with it, for example; if the tile cracks or pops and your resin is installed over it, the resin will more than likely crack with it. Removing tiles and revealing the concrete slab can be more cost effective in some cases than the cost in preparing the tiles ready to install a resin floor

Some resin floors may look pretty and delicate, but don’t let that fool you – they are a durable flooring option. However, if you drag a sharp, heavy piece of furniture across the surface the chances are, like all other floors, you’ll see a scratch.

Resin floors behave very much like a glazed ceramic tile – when dry they are completely fine, however in the event of spills and splashes footing can be an issue. If you are concerned about slip resistance, various non-slip measures are available in both decorative and protective finishes.

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Your free, no obligation 30-minute “Dream Floor Design” Consultation call we will guide you through your options for getting the perfect floor for any room, whether it's for your home or commercial space. We’ll answer your questions, listen to your ideas, and discuss the final look and feel you want to achieve with your new floor. While you are under no obligation our process offers you a fully personalised service towards crafting your dream floor. Work with our designers to co-design so you have complete control over the exact floor you’re looking for.

PLUS, we'll personally send you out a FREE sample board via express shipping so you can see first hand what your epoxy resin floor will look and feel like in your room.

Here's some of the value you can expect from your free, no obligation consultation call:

  • You’ll Discover How To Finally Have The Perfect Floor For Any Room! Whether you are a residential or commercial client we’ll show how your design options are limitless! Let the look of your flooring be as individual as you are!

  • 3 Money Wasting Mistakes People Make When Comparing Flooring Quotes These rip people off by THOUSANDS! Make sure you don't get ripped off. At Least listen to the #1 money-saving tip to save you from a common, costly mistake.

  • 200,000 Bacteria Living And Breeding In Carpet And Other Flooring Types! We'll reveal how our epoxy resin material is the cleaner, safer alternative to other flooring types. Our resin flooring offers the best choice if you want a healthier home or working environment

  • Beware! Think All Epoxy Resin Material And Installers Are The Same? Wrong! We'll show you how to spot the manufacturers that use cheap and dangerous chemicals that can personally harm you and your visitors!

  • After Co-designing The Look Of Your Unique Flooring You Will Receive A FREE sample board based on your exact design. What this means is you can see first hand what your new floor will look and feel like and ‘try before you buy’.

  • PLEASE NOTE: Free Consultations Are Limited To Only 10 Per Month Due to the bespoke nature of the consultations and the care we put into the follow-up information sent out via express delivery. We don’t want you to miss out and hope you will understand. Consultation spots do fill quickly so don’t delay.

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