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Resin Flooring - Right Brand

Jack Josephsen
In our first couple of posts we armed you with some important questions (Right Technology) and gave a few pointers (Beware Marketing) to make sure the technology you chose was on the right resin flooring track. The next step from here is to hone in on the right brand within that branch of resin flooring.

Here’s a great tip for avoiding some headaches - ask yourself, is there a brand that specialises in my kind of project?

Decorative for decorative, industrial for industrial

Specialise is the key word in this question. If your project involves a decorative resin floor, your aim should be to identify the brands that do it particularly well. It’s no different to other goods and services really. For instance, if you wanted a fine dining experience then you wouldn’t head out to your local fish and chip shop, would you? With the same reasoning, you shouldn’t use an industrial brand for a decorative floor or vice versa.

Decorative resin floor finish in home with polished concrete look.Industrial resin flooring in chemical plant with water on surface.

Specialists live and breathe what they do!

Many brands of resin flooring will stretch themselves across a number of products or applications and may have done a scattering of similar jobs in the past, but is it their core business? Is it what they’re set up to do? Is it their passion? Specialists are experts for a reason and by choosing to work with one you’ll see a whole host of benefits besides the quality of the end product.

If you have any questions about choosing the right resin flooring brand for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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