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Resin Flooring - Right Applicator

Jack Josephsen

The previous post saw you choose a specialist brand for your project (Right Brand); closely linked to which brand is the choice of applicator. When it comes to resin flooring, many people think because it’s a liquid and comes in a bucket that anyone with a paint brush can apply it. This couldn’t be further from the truth and the decision on which applicator to use has to be made carefully.

Choose the brand, choose the applicator

Most applicators are loyal to the brand of resin flooring they use because familiarity is a big comfort, so by choosing the brand you also narrow down the choice of applicator in many ways. Does the brand I’m looking at have a strong, visible network of applicators promoting and using their product? Do they have a training or accreditation scheme in place? Is there substantial evidence of quality resin floors being done with this brand?

Don't “settle” with resin flooring applicators

If that background information checks out, your task is to pick a suitable resin flooring applicator from the bunch. There are some basic “rules of thumb” that apply to this task, like only using trained applicators (local where possible) and avoiding large application companies on small jobs or vice versa, however the best advice we can give here is to engage with the applicators first. Give them a call for a chat, ask for a profile on them and their work, make sure they are willing to do sampleboards and go that extra yard to deliver the resin floor

you want. Overall, don’t feel as though you have to “settle”- only work with someone you feel comfortable with!

Resin flooring sampleboards on display for the customer.Resin flooring over a large warehouse floor with boxes stacked on it.

Whose agenda is it?

Once you've made your selection, it may be a good idea to follow up prior to commencement if you're not managing the project yourself. Be aware that whoever you appoint as the project manager may not have the same agenda when it comes to choosing the applicator. Their preference may be to work with someone they've used before, a cheaper option or even a friend, so things could change.

If you have any questions about choosing the right resin flooring applicator for your project, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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