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Floor Coatings and Floor Paints - Cost

Jack Josephsen

The eternal war waged in the mind of every consumer is price v value. It doesn’t matter what product you’re looking at or industry you’re in, human nature can’t resist the lure of a good price even if the value is perhaps better elsewhere. Before I go any further I want to clarify there’s nothing necessarily wrong with this behaviour, even in a flooring context. The trouble only arrives when the consequences aren’t fully understood. Let me explain.

Floor paint and low prices

Floor paints will always be much cheaper options than floor coatings when it comes to resin-based flooring. Typically high levels of solvent, pigment and filler materials equates to an attractive price per litre and the application of very thin coats means the total cost for a painted floor will be on the low end of the scale. Floor coatings, meanwhile, struggle to get that low.  The raw materials are generally more expensive and while solvents still feature occasionally, the levels usually aren’t as significant (some floor coatings are even completely solvent free). All of this leads to thicker films with more protection and superior performance, but also a greater cost.

Floor paint being tipped out from a metal can into a roller tray.Floor coating components being mixed in a bucket before use.

Weighing up floor coatings v floor paints

When it comes to resin-based flooring, the client has a decision to make. Do they go with the cheaper floor paint or the more durable floor coating? The price is obviously lower with the paint, but the value is normally greater with the coating, i.e. something that costs twice as much but lasts four times longer represents a better deal in the eyes of most. 

The answer is – it doesn’t really matter as long as they know what they’re in for. Yes, the cheaper floor paint won’t last as long; yes, it will probably need another coat in a year or so depending on the traffic; but, that might be ok for the client. Their budget might not be enough for a high-quality floor coating, or they might be selling soon and want to freshen things up without spending too much. As I said in the previous post (Durability), both types of flooring have their roles to play.

Performance must equal expectation

 The problems only occur when clients’ expectations don’t line up with what they paid for. For example, they put floor paint in their garage and expect it to look like new five years later. If that’s the goal, they have to forget about price alone and seek greater value through floor coatings.

If you have any questions about the cost of floor coatings or floor paints, please don't hesitate to contact me directly.

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