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Decorative Flooring - Decorative Applicators

Jack Josephsen

The use of the right applicator has been discussed previously in this blog and will continue to pop up because it’s a real cornerstone of quality resin-based flooring. The first time we discussed the right applicator from a more general perspective when trying to avoid resin flooring headaches (Right Applicator). While all of that applies in a decorative flooring context as well, there are a couple of traits specific to decorative floors that make some applicators “more right” than others.

Give it to me straight

It may sound odd, but arguably the most desirable characteristic in a decorative flooring applicator isn’t someone with amazing creativity or flair (although it obviously helps). It’s simply someone who will “tell it like it is”. In a competitive, emerging market trying to gain a foothold against other established options, the temptation to over-sell and under-deliver is very strong. Whether it’s the resin capability, the standard of finish or even the question of going ahead in the first place, you’ll benefit enormously from finding an applicator that’s completely open and honest on these matters.

A quick test of a decorative flooring applicator in this regard is to ask for the “fine print”. Every decorative flooring option on the market has strengths and weaknesses – the strengths get rammed down your throat at every opportunity, whereas the weaknesses are guarded like a top secret document. A knowledgeable applicator that’s willing to inform you of the relevant risks and let you make the call is exactly the sort of person you want to be working with.

Decorative flooring with a bug in the topcoat, which is one of the risks you need to know about.

Go the extra yard for decorative flooring

The second box to tick off in the search for the right decorative flooring applicator is a hard-working, meticulous attitude. In other words, an applicator that doesn’t cut corners. Someone who believes sampleboards are an essential part of the design process and will pump out as many as it takes; who has a catalogue of thrilled customers ready to show you; who knows what it takes to get the best possible finish and maintain it; and, very importantly, someone who schedules a 3-6 month follow up to make sure the floor is meeting expectations rather than disappearing forever.     

Decorative flooring sampleboards prepared by an applicator and presented to their client.

Unfortunately the type of decorative flooring applicator defined above doesn’t grow on trees, however they do exist and a little bit of perseverance when doing your search will be greatly rewarded.

If you have any questions about the right applicator for decorative flooring, please don’t hesitate to contact me.

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