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Coating Concrete Floors - Looks Better

Jack Josephsen

The next incentive for coating concrete floors differs slightly from the rest because it tends to make money rather than save it. Forget all the technical shortcomings, when you really think about it most people cover concrete to “jazz things up” and thereby add value to their properties.

Concrete floors want to be noticed

I think you’ll agree that a drab, grey concrete floor generally doesn’t “cut it” from an interior design perspective. Homeowners and the like want to enjoy their floor on a higher level than just a stable platform to walk on. They want it to set the room alight and make a visual difference. When you think about it, the whole flooring industry exists to make what we walk on more attractive.

Concrete flooring with a plain colour coating that improves the look dramatically.Concrete flooring with a wild metallic resin flooring on top.

Fewer stains are a good start

There are two ways coating a concrete floor can do all this. As we explained in the previous post (Easy To Clean), coatings can have a big impact purely through the protection they offer. An impermeable coating can greatly reduce damage, stains, blemishes and various other risks, all of which add up to a more valuable flooring surface.

Designs limited only by your imagination

The other way is obviously through the design of the coating itself. Historically, designers were forced to be creative indoors with the walls and general fit out because flooring options were quite conservative and limited. A real strength of modern resin-based flooring, however, is the creativity and freedom they allow. Concrete floor coatings can be customised to every client’s taste; from an eye-grabbing feature floor to a basic makeover that complements the existing decor beautifully. In other words, they offer a real “X factor” when it comes to valuation.

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