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Welcome to retail flooring and commercial flooring by FLOORChef!

We think this market sector is perhaps the most exciting to work with because retail floor and commercial floor owners encourage us to unleash our creativity and cook up a shop floor, office floor, restaurant floor, nightclub floor or showroom floor with real impact. What more could we ask for!?

FLOORChef is ideal for retail floors and commercial floors for this reason as well as a number of others, but there's one that stands above all the rest - at FLOORChef, we don't just sell flooring products, we sell finished floors. Gourmet resin floors to be exact.

What's the difference? We deliver our retail resin floors and commercial resin floors the way they should be, by focussing on getting every stage of the process right. It's all about giving you a memorable flooring experience at every stage rather than just a stunning floor at the end.

We liken it to a night out at a restaurant renowned for their delicious food - it might turn out to be the best meal you've ever tasted, however if the service was slow, the ambient noise too loud and the cold wind chilled you to the bone, the chances are you won't be smiling at the end of it.

We want that smile!

Our "Keep Smiling" brand promise underpins everything we do and the only way we measure the success of our retail resin flooring and commercial resin flooring projects is if everyone enjoyed the whole FLOORChef experience.

Shop floors, showroom floors and office floors from FLOORChef

We find this approach is much appreciated in projects that normally require clean execution within a tight schedule. While the brilliant decorative floors in the front end grab most of the attention, e.g. cafe floors and restaurant floors, FLOORChef also has an outstanding record installing functional, non-slip commercial kitchen floors at the back end. 

What retail floor or commercial floor to choose?

We have a full menu of ready-to-go designs to pick from, however most of our customers can't go past our irresistible range of starters and desserts when it comes to giving their retail floors and commercial floors a facelift. Also, many come to us with their own designer floor in mind, which makes our special Designer Desserts perfect for them.

Click on the thumbnails below to get more information on our recommendations. To view our full menu or read more about Designer Desserts, please click on the icons at the bottom of the page. 

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We recommend the following starting points for retail resin flooring and commercial resin flooring projects -

Retail floor option.
Au Naturel
Retail floor option.
 Metallic Baste

Retail floor option.

Retail floor option.
Candy Swirl

Retail floor option.
Marbled Cream
Retail floor option.
Cosmic Crackle

 Retail floor option.
Moonlit Pudding
 Retail floor option.
Molten Vein
Retail floor option.

 Retail floor option.
Wicked Mousse


"From start to finish the team from FLOORChef met our every need, from ensuring the best floor type to service the long term, to educating and supporting our staff during the important decision making phase. The final product was delivered in-line with our time, staffing hours, and environmental need. On completion the premises was totally clean, leaving us with nothing but a beautiful new floor.”

- Derec Davies, Friends of the Earth

"The quality, look and feel of the floor as well as the outstanding service from Dave in particular. His attention to detail and care for the installation was fantastic. We'll keep recommending you guys and handing out cards for you. Handed out another one today.” 

- Phil Game, Astute Realty

"I like the glossy finish and easier maintenance. I’ll continue to use FLOORChef for all my next floors!"

- Justin Lee, Korean Kitchen


Retail flooring range. Retail flooring range.

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