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FLOORChef is the ideal residential flooring option for a number of reasons, but there's one that stands above all the rest - at FLOORChef, we don't sell flooring products, we sell finished floors. Gourmet resin floors to be exact.

What's the difference? We deliver our residential resin floors the way they should be, by focussing on getting every stage of the process right. It's all about giving you a memorable flooring experience at every stage rather than just a stunning floor at the end.

We liken it to a night out at a restaurant renowned for their delicious food - it might turn out to be the best meal you've ever tasted, however if the service was slow, the ambient noise too loud and the cold wind chilled you to the bone, the chances are you won't be smiling at the end of it.

We want that smile!

Our "Keep Smiling" brand promise underpins everything we do and the only way we measure the success of our residential flooring projects is if everyone enjoyed the whole FLOORChef experience.

Garage floors, kitchen floors and bathroom floors from FLOORChef

FLOORChef has been invited into many homes to transform their floors into modern, durable, easy-to-clean finishes. Picture it in your home; a gourmet resin floor flowing seamlessly throughout every room -  garage resin floors, kitchen resin floors, bathroom resin floors...we can do it all! They are simply stunning floors for the home.

White residential floor in living room from FLOORChef.

What residential floor to choose?

We have a full menu of ready-to-go designs to pick from, however most of our customers can't go past our irresistible range of desserts or even a Designer Dessert when it comes to residential resin flooring.

Click on the thumbnails below to get more information on our recommendations. To view our full menu or read more about Designer Desserts, please click on the icons at the bottom of the page. 

To look through our collection of residential flooring projects - click here.

We recommend the following starting points for residential resin flooring projects -

Residential floor option.
Au Naturel

Residential floor option.
      Metallic Baste        
Residential floor option.

 Residential floor option.
 Candy Swirl

 Residential floor option.
     Marbled Cream

 Residential floor option.
    Cosmic Crackle

 Residential floor option.
  Moonlit Pudding

 Residential floor option.
   Molten Vein

 Residential floor option.Pavlova
 Residential floor option.
   WIcked Mousse


"I'd recommend FLOORChef for anyone wanting something different, yet practical and versatile...I've already referred them to some of my friends."

- David Marriner, Homeowner

"I highly recommend FLOORChef to my friends and colleagues. Everyone has seen the pictures of the unit once it was complete and everyone has loved the floor and finish of it. A lot of people didn't even know what it was. It's one of the first things that we get comments on as soon as people come inside...the finish is amazing and Charlie and I are very picky with quality. We were both very happy and proud of the finished product."

- Dominic Morris, Homeowner

"We were looking for a flooring solution that could be practical, durable and contemporary...FLOORChef delivered the ideal, flexible solution in the most professional manner. We are delighted with the outcome and would willingly recommend them to others."

- Simon Brown, Homeowner


Residential flooring range. Residential flooring range.

For more information on FLOORChef and our residential floors, contact us on 1300 88 99 13 or email