Professional resin floor installation

A phrase you'll hear often at FLOORChef is "We don't sell products, we sell finished floors". What does it actually mean?

It's common practice in the resin flooring industry for manufacturers to simply sell product to anyone that walks through their doors. They may answer a few questions and give some general advice, however at the end of the day they absolutely no control over how their products are used. The floor installer is often left on their own while the customer closes their eyes and hopes for the best.

At FLOORChef, professional installation is a vital part of our core business because we understand you can't possibly promise and deliver an outstanding floor by only selling the products. Our resin floor installation model has a number of key features that enable us to meet the expectations of our customers and our own high standards -

Installation partnership on every project

In contrast to the sell-to-anyone approach, FLOORChef only works with an exclusive group of licensed applicators we trust. We know their experience, their strengths and weaknesses, and can fit the right resin floor applicator to the right job. Also, every floor installation is completed as a partnership between us and the installer. If there's an issue at any stage, there's no finger pointing and we fix the problem.

Trained applicators and proven competency

All of our licensed resin flooring installers have done training to prove their competency, including a theory exam and practical assessments. They also have access to instructional videos and documents online so they can keep their skills sharp.  

Exclusive project management software

During floor installation, our licensed applicators use exclusive project management software on mobile devices that follows a step-by-step process, records every detail and provides crucial on-site support. You won't find that level of service anywhere else!

Installer profiles

Every one of our licensed applicators has a personal profile page, which gives our customers a unique glimpse at the professional they'll be working with before they show up. You can learn a little bit more about them as a person, as well as scroll through a photo gallery of the resin floor applications they've done. Click on your area below to find out more.

A nationwide floor installation network 

Finally, our network of trained, fully licensed installers spans right across Australia. This gives FLOORChef the rare ability to install the same floor no matter where our
customers are -

Alt Image (Main Image) - Professional resin floor installers applying a resin floor in a residential garage.

For more information on FLOORChef and our resin floor installation, contact us on 1300 88 99 13 or email