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While FLOORChef is renowned for eye-catching decorative floors, the industrial origin of our resin technology means our floors are right at home in harsh environments as well. Often the challenge with light industrial flooring is heavy traffic and, as a result, you can't get away with bottom-end flooring because it simply isn't a genuine protective flooring option. Instead, you need a robust floor you know will do the job.

The most popular light industrial floor we provide is The Soup, while in non-slip flooring applications customers can't go past the long-lasting wear of our Pepper Steak. In both cases you can bank on a sturdy, high-quality floor that always satisfies!

FLOORChef is ideal light industrial resin floor for this reason as well as a number of others, but there's one that stands above all the rest - at FLOORChef, we don't just sell flooring products, we sell finished floors. Gourmet resin floors to be exact.

What's the difference? We deliver our light industrial resin floors the way they should be, by focussing on getting every stage of the process right. It's all about giving you a memorable flooring experience at every stage rather than just a stunning floor at the end.

We liken it to a night out at a restaurant renowned for their delicious food - it might turn out to be the best meal you've ever tasted, however if the service was slow, the ambient noise too loud and the cold wind chilled you to the bone, the chances are you won't be smiling at the end of it.

We want that smile!

Our "Keep Smiling" brand promise underpins everything we do and the only way we measure the success of our light industrial resin flooring projects is if everyone enjoyed the whole FLOORChef experience.

Warehouse floors, factory floors and workshop floors from FLOORChef

We find this approach is much appreciated in projects we like to call flooring "bread and butter" - warehouse resin floors, factory resin floors, workshop resin floors and the like. These jobs generally aren't extraordinary in any way, however they rely on proven light industrial flooring products capable of delivering a consistent finish every time. This is our specialty and we're here to help if this is what you need right now.

Light industrial floor with a forklift driving on top of it.

What light industrial floor to choose?

We have a full menu of ready-to-go designs to pick from, however when it comes to light industrial flooring our starters and mains really satisfy.

Click on the thumbnails below to get more information on our recommendations. To view our full menu, please click on the icon at the bottom of the page. 

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We recommend the following starting points for light industrial resin flooring projects -

Light industrial floor option.
The Soup
Light industrial floor option.
Noodle Soup
Light industrial floor option.
Fresh Tofu
Light industrial floor option.
Pepper Steak
Light industrial floor option.
Texan Pepper Steak
Light industrial floor option.Rock Salt


"We would like to make special mention of FLOORChef... we were absolutely amazed at how it turned out and would highly recommend them to anyone.”

- James Tillman, UCB Direct


Light industrial flooring range. 

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