Custom floors with Designer Desserts

Welcome to custom resin flooring with our Designer Desserts!

You know why you're here. You don't want to pick something off a shelf or get the same floor everyone else has. You want a one-of-a-kind, custom floor to show off; something with your own stamp on it to really make a lasting impression; something that slides in perfectly with your decor to create just the right look. Put simply, you want a high-end floor as stylish as you! Well, you've come to the right place because creating your own custom floor is what Designer Desserts is all about.

High-end floors for a taste of luxury

The dishes we serve up here are very special. They typically require more work and one-on-one service to get the best possible finish. As a result, they cost a little more too.

While this means Designer Desserts may not be for everyone, it's the ideal option for those after a unique taste of flooring luxury. If you're looking for the customised floor you've always dreamed of, make it a Designer Dessert and we'll turn it into a reality.

Customised flooring

How does Designer Desserts custom flooring work?

When we talk about customised floors or designer floors, getting the right design is just part of what we do. We can also customise floor colours, textures and gloss to suit your style or decor.

For more detail on how it all works, visit the How To Choose page to take a look at the 6 steps involved in getting one of our gourmet resin floors and read through the FAQs. Designer Desserts may be special custom resin floors, but they still follow the same process that focuses on getting every stage right. It's all about giving you a memorable flooring experience rather than just a stylish custom resin floor at the end. 


"On the scale of 1-10 we would give the team at FLOORChef an 11! The most telling thing about our new floor is that everybody who walks into our office says, 'Wow, what a floor!'”

- Ailsa Lennox, Lennox Computer 

"Thanks for allowing me some creative involvement - lots of fun and adds a new dimension to the experience.” 

- David Marriner, Homeowner

"The execution was excellent - the brief was delivered skilfully and complements our new interior design elements - which now includes the flooring as a key design feature."

- Michael Payne, Baskin Robbins

Custom floor with brilliant bursts of colour in rumpus room of a home.

For more information on FLOORChef and our custom floors, contact us on 1300 88 99 13 or email