Epoxy resin floors from FLOORChef

The popularity of epoxy flooring is growing rapidly, however trying to find the right option can feel like being stuck in a maze full of smoke and mirrors. It seems every epoxy floor out there is the "best looking", "longest lasting" or "most advanced" and salespeople don't help by only selling what they have rather than what you need. To make matters worse, even if you find a good product there's no guarantee you'll be left smiling at the end of it.  

Why does FLOORChef exist?

At FLOORChef, we believe every person CAN have a modern floor that leaves them smiling. Our customers come to us because they want to understand their flooring options, they want a quality finish and they want professionalism.

At FLOORChef, we guide you through every step

Getting a new floor can be a stressful, confusing time and you need support along the way. FLOORChef makes the process a whole lot easier through - 

  1. Education - the decision on the right floor all begins with understanding your flooring needs. We want to make sure our customers are fully informed before they choose anything. A big part of this is total openness and honesty...we'll even tell you if our epoxy resin floors aren't suitable!
  2. Clear selection - while the choice of design is limited only by your imagination, we realise time and budget are also important considerations. We'll work with you to tick all of the boxes on your flooring checklist.
  3. Post-installation support - our commitment to our customers and their floors doesn't stop once we walk out the door. We offer a warranty on all of our epoxy floors, as well as providing maintenance instructions and advice on re-decoration options.

At FLOORChef, we give you a quality epoxy floor finish

In our testimonials customers often rave about how much they "love the floor", but what does a quality epoxy resin flooring product actually look like and what should it offer?

  1. A specially formulated, high-end finish - we've spent years formulating and optimising our specialist epoxy resins for the decorative flooring market, installing hundreds of floors in Australia and internationally.
  2. A customised and reproducible floor - we do custom floors by customising designs, colours, textures and gloss to suit your style and decor. With FLOORChef, you don't have to pick your epoxy floor from a limited range on a shelf or in a catalogue!
  3. Proven performance - we use the same epoxy resin technology proven in industrial flooring applications for over 10 years. From residential to retail/commercial to light industrial, we've got it covered.

At FLOORChef, we provide professional installation

No matter how good the epoxy resin floor is, if it's not professionally installed the result can be a disaster. At FLOORChef, we take professional installation to another level with -

  1. A fully trained, nationwide network of installers - our network of reliable installers are fully trained and experienced in the installation of our epoxy floors.
  2. Project management software - our epoxy floors are installed using exclusive software that records every step along the way, from contact to completion.
  3. Clear communication - FLOORChef keeps you updated on the progress of your epoxy floor at every stage, from design choice through to floor completion. We even get you to sign off at critical points of installation so you don't miss a thing! 

FLOORChef floors are Australia wide and backed by a 12-month warranty 

We have fully trained FLOORChefs located in Brisbane, Gold Coast, Hervey Bay, Mackay, Sydney, Melbourne, Launceston, Adelaide and Perth. They all use the same products, the same installation process and, most importantly, they all stand by the same 12-month warranty.

For more information on FLOORChef and our epoxy floors, contact us on 1300 88 99 13 or email sales@FLOORChef.com.au